Limoges Métropole: making innovation and industrial success stories happen

The Communauté Urbaine Limoges Métropole is a Public Institution bringing together 20 cities, home to more than 208,000 inhabitants.

The main remit of Limoges Métropole, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region’s 2nd largest urban area, is to deliver flagship projects that make a difference, develop the range of economic infrastructure and services and manage the main essential public services whilst safeguarding the quality of the environment – a highlight of our region.

With 5.5 million km of public transport lines travelled annually by more than 15 million passengers, 1,400 ha of business space, 1,478 km of roads, a recycling center, waste energy plant, the Zénith concert hall, swimming pool complex and “Raymond Poulidor” municipal cycle track, Limoges Métropole plays a key role in driving the region’s prosperity.

A welcoming place with an appealing, thriving local community

Limoges Métropole 2

Its capital, Limoges (nearly 140,000 inhabitants), boasts the full range of university, medical, cultural and recreational facilities.
Our community nurtures its ties with the locals by remaining on a human scale. The people of this place have long been a genuine priority, and we strive to help each of you find your place by forging uncomplicated, lasting and beneficial relationships within agile and highly reactive businesses.
With such a flourishing atmosphere built on trust, Limoges Métropole is somewhere innovation and industrial success stories can happen.

The little facts that make a big difference:

  • The average commuting time in Haute-Vienne is 13 minutes (as opposed to 50 minutes in the Parisian region)
  • The property price per square meter is among the lowest in France: at an average of €1,160 per sq.m. in an apartment, versus more than €1,400 at national level
  • At an equivalent rate of pay (€1,680 net a month on average), employees in Limoges enjoy a higher purchasing power 
  • For every Limougeaud (person living in Limoges), there is 52 sq.m. of green space
  • A density of just 1,712 inhabitants per sq. km. (21,067 in Paris).

A region with an unbeatable quality of life

Because families, their personal development and well-being are the beating heart of our communities, the Limoges urban area, through its département, offers up undeniable advantages:

  • 1 physician/604 inhabitants (compared with 1/1,063 in France)
  • A particularly low crime rate
  • 5 out of 13 regional university hospitals in Nouvelle-Aquitaine are in the département
  • Reception rate for early childcare (under 3-year-olds) of 59.3% (56.1% in France).

As part of its “Healthy city” (Ville Santé Citoyenne) initiative, Limoges has been conducting a strategy these past two years to reduce endocrine disruptors in preschools around young children (TERRITORIA Gold award).

The Communauté Urbaine Limoges Métropole boasts major complexes for providing its residents with a full range of sports and recreation options.